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  The trick in food photography is to show the food looking fresh, so many dishes have stand-ins, just as movie stars do. “When I get my lights and cameras set up, I remove the stand-in and put in the real thing,” explains Ray Webber, who photographs food for magazine advertisements. “Sometimes I have to brush the meat with its juices because it may have dried out a bit. A and when I‘m shooting (拍照) something like tomatoes, I always carry water to spray them with dew just before I shoot.”

  Shooting food outdoors has special problems. “I‘m always worrying about flies or worms crawling up a glass,” Webber explains, “my worry is that someday a dog will come up from behind and run off with the food.” Once Webber was shooting a piece of cheese outdoors and needed something to make its color beautiful. Finally he found it: a weed with lovely blue flowers. When the shot appeared, several people were horrified-the weed was deadly nightshade!

  ( )59. Just before being photographed, some meats and vegetables are _______.

  A. fanned B. dyed C. frozen D. made wet

  ( )60. The second paragraph deals mostly with the ________.

  A. differences between indoor and outdoor photography

  B. problems of outdoor food photography

  C. ways of keeping food fresh outdoors

  D. combinations of colors outdoors

  ( )61. Webber is afraid dogs might _______.

  A. bark while he is shooting B. get into his picture

  C. steal the food D. upset his camera

  ( )62. From the article we can conclude that deadly night-shade is probably a kind of plant that is _______.

  A. colorful B. poisonous C. ugly D. Both A and B.


  With the large number of dogs roaring through our communities, people need to know the facts about rabies (狂犬病), a fatal disease caused by animal bites. Despite vaccination (接種疫苗) programs, rabies is still very prevalent, and will continue to be a serious public health problem for many years to come.

  Rabies strikes the central nervous system and brings on choking, convulsions (抽搐) and inability to swallow liquids. It can even cause death. If you or anyone in your family is bitten by dog, cat or other animal, you should not panic, but thoroughly wash the wound with plenty of soap and water and rush to nearby hospital for immediate treatment. If you own the animal which did the biting, you should immediately call a veterinarian for advice and make sure the public health authorities know when and where the biting took place and who was bitten.

  ( )63. Rabies is a kind of disease which ________.

  A. causes heart attack

  B. hurt one‘s legs

  C. causes nerve-centre problem and breathing problem

  D. strikes one‘s brain

  ( )64. If a person is bitten by some kind of animal, you ________.

  A. should be panic

  B. should take him (her) to a big hospital right away

  C. should help to clean the wound and ask the patient to have a good rest at home

  D. should help to clean the wound and then take him (her) to a nearby hospital quickly as possible.

  ( )65. Which is the best title of the passage?

  A. What a Rabies? B. The Horrible Rabies

  C. What Are Animal Bites? D. How to Control Rabies




  Linda:Hello! This is Linda speaking.

  Chris:Hello, Linda, this is Chris. _______66________ this Friday evening?

  Linda:Yes, why?

  Chris:There‘s a good concert, and I’ve got two tickets. I wonder ________67_______.

  Linda:That‘s great! _________68_________?

  Chris:7 o‘clock. But how about _________69__________ at 6:45?

  Linda:OK. I think I can make it.

  Chris:After the concert, ________70_________, shall we?

  Linda:Wonderful! Why don‘t we go to a Chinese restaurant?

  Chris:Why not? OK, see you Friday.

  Linda:See you then. Bye!








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